Simulated Emergency Test Saturday involved local amateur radio operators

The ham operators in the picture are Dominic Weigel,KB9YWN (seated at the radio), Brent Struna, N7HYF and Charlie Cliame, KC7UUN.  Not pictured is the photographer, Mark Harris, W7MOH Fremont County ARES Emergency Coordinator and RACES Officer.

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Amateur radio operators from Riverton and Lander on Saturday assisted in setting up and testing the amateur radio portion of the Strategic Technology Reserve package of the Regional Emergency Response Team (RERT) for Region 5, which includes Fremont County.

After setting up the amateur station at the Riverton Fire District Station #4, they participated in the annual Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)  Simulated Emergency Test (SET).  According to Fremont County ARES Emergency Coordinator and RACES Officer Mark Harris, W7MOH, the primary purpose of this year’s SET was to make sure that the STR packages at the county Emergency Operations Centers and the RERT sites were complete and operational.  Fremont County does not have an STR at its EOC office on North 8th West in  Riverton, so Harris coordinated with the Region 5 RERT to test their equipment.

“We had a very productive exercise” said Harris.  “The gear all worked well and we all got a great chance to become more familiar with the hardware and software in the package.”  In addition to exchanging messages via voice communications with the state EOC, the exercise included a test message on the digital communications system in the package.  “We had to make sure that the radio, the digital interface equipment and the computer software were all set up and configured properly,” Harris said.  “There were a few minor glitches, but in the end we were able to successfully exchange messages with the digital system.”  The equipment was all run on battery power with a solar cell backup to test it’s suitability for field operations in an emergency situation.

Amateur operators from Fremont County who participated in the SET were  Charlie Cliame, KC7UUN, Brent Struna, N7HYF and Dominic Weigel,KB9YWN.  Harris said they are also working on the plans for an exercise with the Fremont County Public Health Office in October and that any interested amateur operators are welcome to participate.

For details Harris can be contacted by email at

Getting the word out:  The pickup used in Saturday's exercise has a 35 foot tall mast supporting a wire dipole antenna. (Photo by Mark Harris)

Getting the word out: The pickup used in Saturday’s exercise has a 35 foot tall mast supporting a wire dipole antenna. (Photo by Mark Harris)

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  1. Mark Harris

    "The exercise was on Saturday September" should have been in the sentence before "21". Would be great to have 21 hams turn out for a drill, lol. MOH

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