One Shot Antelope Hunt events on tap this week; VP Cheney to join the Wyoming team

(Gov. Matt Mead greeted Colorado past shooter George Ranta at last year’s Victory Banquet. Joshua Scheer photo)

(Lander, Wyo.) – This week marks the return of the annual One Shot Antelope with teams coming to Lander for the hunt from across the country.

The annual hunting competition pits eight teams of three against each other on the opening day of the antelope season. Single-shot harvests score points. Among ties, the team to get the harvests in the quickest time comes out on top. The hunt itself will be held in the early morning hours of Sept. 21.

This year’s big named guest is Vice President Dick Cheney. He’ll be hunting with Gov. Matt Mead on the Wyoming team.

“We’re honored to have him here,” One Shot President Terry Martin said.

While participation in the hunt is by invitation only, there are multiple events put on by the club itself and the Past Shooter’s Club that the general public is invited to join.

This year’s festivities will be held once again on the city fire department’s drill field at City Park.

Throughout the later half of the week, past shooters and incoming hunters will participate in shooting competitions. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursday, several competitions will be held at the Lander Valley Sportsmen’s Range. The public is invited to attend and watch. The following day, the public can watch the One Shot Team Members sight in at Sinks Canyon below the Warming Hut from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. In the same location a Silver Cup Match for the past shooters will be held starting at 2:30 p.m.

Several non-shooting related events are also open for the public. The Past Shooters Banquet and Water for Wildlife Live Auction is scheduled to be held at the Drill Field beginning at 7 p.m. Meal tickets are $35 and are available at the Past Shooters Club office.

On Friday evening at 8 p.m. is the Legend of the Hunt and Blood Brothers Ceremony. At this event, also at the drill field, the legend behind the hunt is recited and this year’s team members are made honorary members of the Shoshone Tribe. The public is encouraged to attend and watch the free ceremony.

The Victory Banquet is to be held at 5 p.m. on Saturday after the hunters have returned. The public is invited to attend, and dinner tickets are $35.

This year’s teams and hunters are:

Wyoming – Gov. Matt Mead, Vice President Dick Cheney and Tim Gist (last year’s One Shot President)

Sons’ of Past Shooters – Dr. Kevin Lesh, Spencer Bergen and Dr. Jeff Ranta

Remington – George Kollitides, Walter McLallen and Charles Conger

One and Done – Bruce Williams, Mark A. Block and Joe Stowe

Boone and Crocket – Bill Demmer, Marc Mondavi and Wilson Stout

Wounded Warriors – Jeffery ‘Doc’ Sinchak, Dan McGoldrick and Chad Brumpton

Outdoor Writers – Gregg Merriam, Dave Price and Len Zemaitis

Western Sportsmen – Hank True, Todd Bules and Tom Scarlett


  1. William Roth

    "honored" to have him here.

  2. Chato Lyday

    Where's the Tribal Teams? There should be at least two.

  3. Sam Parks

    Will both daughters be accompanying him or just Liz?

  4. Rone Tempest

    Even more reason to wear fluorescent orange vest and hat

  5. Folger Cleaveland

    Everyone duck!

  6. Liz Shield

    I hear he shoots his friends in the face!

  7. Sam Parks

    He has friends?

  8. Sam Parks

    The good news is he will be hunting with the Governor.

  9. Ron Howard

    Cheney's coming? I didn't realize that known criminals could participate!

  10. Gary Martine

    Wasn't it one shot that he did when he shot that guy in the face? I guess he's qualified to shoot one shot…

  11. Michael Fossey

    The antelope are safe, but his team better look out.

  12. Andrea Thompson Dockery

    So excited and honored to have Vice President Dick Cheney in Lander for the One Shot Antelope Hunt. It is quite an event.

  13. Lois Herbst

    I hope to attend some of the events. I haven't attented the winners' dinner since General Swartzkof participated, and I know I didn't spell his name correctly. I talked to the General about his spokes person role for grizzlies.

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