Two juvenile boys arrested in Wednesday’s Rails to Trails homicide; Second victim is in critical condition

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Authorities have arrested two juvenile males from Riverton in connection with one homicide and an attempted murder that occurred on the Rails to Trails path north of Riverton, Undersheriff Ryan Lee said in a statement Friday morning.

“Two juveniles ages 15 and 16 have been taken into custody and each charged with one count of Second Degree Murder, and one count of Attempted Second Degree Murder,” he said. “Investigators at this time believe the two acted together and there are no further suspects at large, however the investigation is continuing and will for some time.”

Two Search Warrants were executed Thursday afternoon; the arrests were officially made around 7 p.m. Thursday night.

The second victim is a female in her late 30’s and is hospitalized at an undisclosed location and is still in critical condition as of this morning.

The Riverton Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office are working diligently on the continuing investigation, along with the Wyoming DCI and Officers with the Wind River Police Department. The Lander Police Department has also provided assistance with uniformed Officers Wednesday afternoon.

The combined task force made the arrest within 36 hours of the discovery.

Investigative details will not be released through the Sheriff’s Office; the details should surface in the form of affidavits and or information provided by the County Attorney and or the findings made by the County Coroner.

See photos from one of the search locations here.


  1. Melinda Caskey

    Yet Riverton has no interest in creating a recreation center for the youth of our town. Let them all stay home alone every day and find ways to keep themselves occupied while their parents work, right? That seems to be working so well. You stay Classy, Riverton!

  2. Tom Henderson

    You blame it on the city when it should be laid at the parent's feet. There are plenty of kids who stay home while the parent's work and don't go around killing people. The only difference can be parenting skills and love in their upbringing. Teaching right from wrong. It is not the city's place to be a parent.

  3. Ron Howard

    Without knowing the hell these kids are everybody is so quick to blame somebody. I'll be waiting for someone to blame this on Obama. Why don't you fill us in on who killed JFK. Or JR.

  4. Ron Howard


  5. Jesse Lyles

    What is the price of tea in China again?

  6. Sonny Vargas

    They don't need a recreation center. They all need their parents to keep them busy with their education and some good ol' fashioned hard work… Everyday

  7. Dallas Mitchell

    We should have a place for kids to play and have fun. yes parents could be to blame we will never know the full truth. thanks to matt Wright who is trying to change this town. like its said yoh don't like it change it. You don't like what's going on in riverton stand up!

  8. Dave Harford

    And a good ol fashioned ASS WHOOPIN!!!

  9. Jim Draper

    Obama said he could.have been travon!!!lol

  10. Jim Draper

    Obama said he could.have been travon!!!lol

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