Riverton teen injured in carnival mishap moved from ICU; She remains in serious but stable condition

(Denver, Colo.) – A 16-year-old Riverton girl who was seriously injured in a carnival accident May 31st is now out of the Intensive Care Unit at a Denver hospital, but she is still listed in serious, but stable condition, according to family reports emailed to County10.com.

Jocelyn Clawson was on a bungee jump attraction at the North Star Amusements Carnival when one of the bungee cords came apart. She suffered serious head trauma and was air lifted to Denver after emergency treatment in Riverton.

According to Shannon Elisson, Jocelyn’s mother, the teen has a broken jaw, a neck injury, and brain injuries. “No more swelling of her brain just a lot of bruising,” she wrote.  “It bled a lot in both frontal lobes and a lot on the left side, so a lot of waiting and patience, some improvements but this is just the begining baby steps.”

Jocelyn’s aunt, Kim Metcalf Hymes, said Jocelyn “is still struggling, had a rough day today (Friday).” On the positive side, Hymes wrote that Jocelyn is no longer on a ventilator and that she “has no memory of the accident.”

A fund to help offset medical and travel expenses for the teen and her family has been established at Wyoming Community Bank in Riverton. Donations may be made to the “Jocelyn Clawson donation fund” at the bank.

Additionally, a SXP 12 guage Winchester shotgun is being raffled at Central Wyoming Pawn, 922 North Federal Boulevard in Riverton. Tickets, at $5, are available there Tuesday through Saturday from Ray Metcalf. The drawing will be July 2nd.



  1. Connie Johnston

    Thank you for giving us an update on this young lady. She has been in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Blaine Stafford

    Thanks Roy and Karley Trees for the gun to raffle. Glad to hear she is doing better. God bless you all.

  3. Tena Osborne

    Hasn't the carnival offered to pay for this? They should be doing something for this young lady and her family!

  4. Terri Dieleman Cornella

    I was wondering WHY the carnival wasn't paying for her injuries! Thank God she's coming around. Prayers to her for full recovery.

  5. Lori Smith

    I am pretty sure that he Dad and Step Mom are looking into the medical bills as he has had full custody of her since she was 1 1/2 years old. Just as an FYI to everyone she does live in Bairoil with her Dad and Step Mom and she attends Rawlins High School. We pray for her speedy and full recovery.

  6. John Van Vleet

    sue the carnival.

  7. Lori Smith

    Update from Jocelyn's Dad – She is doing so good that if she keeps it up she will get to return home to Bairoil on Monday with her Dad and Step Mom and rest of Clawson Family.

  8. Ray Metcalf

    lori also for your info Jocelyn also stayed with her mother in dubois Wyoming went to school there and stayed with my mom and dad and went to school in riverton high her mother and the rest of the Metcalf family love her very much her mom was there with her every hour since she was injured and is very close to her daughter. the clawsons are a nice group of people and you should shut your big mouth! and not speak of things you are not 100%sure of!

  9. Ray Metcalf

    she sufferd a massive skull fracture and has a long road ahead of her and will need the support of both the clawson and Metcalf family ,

  10. Lori Smith

    Jocelyn returned home to Bairoil with her Dad and StepMom yesterday evening. She is doing great. Her Dad said if you didn't know her you couldn't tell anything had happened to her. She remembers going to the carnival but thankfully doesn't remember the accident. Thanks to everyone for prayers they were definitely answered.

  11. Lori Smith

    I happen to be a close friend of the family and sometime I guess the truth hurts. Yes she did stay with her Mom but obviously preferred her home in Bairoil as thats where she returned to. I just think it is very sad that the good people of Riverton were being told that the money raised was going to medical bills when in my opinion her Dad will not see a dime of that money to go towards the medical bills which he will be responsible for taking care of. Nough said!

  12. Kerrie Mills Metcalf

    wow, LORI I wonder why you would post anything about the custody status of Jocelyn, or where she goes to school? Jocelyn has more than one parent and while her father maybe financially stable her mother who is working three jobs, is not and her month off from work while she was in Denver has hit her hard, Jocelyn has always lived back and forth between her home in Bairoil with her Dad and with her mom. Jocelyn's home with her mother is as important to her as her home in Bairoil, and for you to post some thing like "she obviously preferred her home in Bairoil as thats where she returned to ' is very presumptuous and rude. Jocelyn returned to where she will get the best care for now.
    And the money raised IS going toward family travel expenses and bills and for anything Jocelyn may need, whether it be with her father or her mother. You should not post things, that are obviously trying to form a rift between a family that is already in a hard place, I as a Christian would certainly not do that to your family.

  13. Lori Smith

    This is Lowell Clawson, Jocelyn's Father, and full custody parent. I have read some of the comments written below about my daughter, and I feel that there needs to be some clarification on a few things. I have obviously been very occupied lately with taking care of Jocelyn and her immediate needs. I, her mother, and her step mother have spent 17 very stressful days at the Denver Children's Hospital watching and caring for her. so I have not had the time to see, or keep up on, all the conversation related to her injury until now. We feel that there has been a miracle, and an answer to thousands of prayers all across the country, on Jocelyn's behalf. She was released Monday, the 17th of June, to return home to Bairoil. The doctors feel that she will make a full recovery, but she still needs rest and time to finish healing. This could take a few weeks, and possibly months, we don't know. I have good insurance, under which Jocelyn is covered, and we know that the medical expenses will be taken care of. We, the Clawson family, are not asking for donations, or trying to solicit money on Jocelyn's behalf, as we are able to take care of things on our own. We are extremely thankful for the publics outpouring of concern, thoughts, and prayers on Jocelyn's behalf, and that is all we ask. Thank you again. As for the carnival paying for the expenses, I can only say that there are talks going on to that end, that are being handled by my law firm, and to my knowledge they have not refused. There also seems to be some confusion as to my daughters history of residence. I do not feel this is anybody's business, but I will comment just to clear some things up. Jocelyn has lived with me since she was born. Her mother and I divorced when she was 15 months old, and I retained custody of her and her older brother. In June of 2011, I allowed her to go stay with her mother in Dubois, as that is what she felt she wanted to do at the time. She attended Dubois high school part ot the 2011-2012 year, and for various reasons, then transferred to Riverton, staying with her grandmother, to finish the 2011-2012 year. In July of 2012, she moved back to Bairoil with us, and has been here ever since. She seems very happy, secure and stable since then. She attended Rawlins high school in 2012-2013 school year, and did very well with grades and school activities. She is a very active, hard worker, and has great potential for her future. We trust that this injury will not impede that. I am a little disappointed in some of the insinuations by some of my ex-inlaws, and want to go on record, that Lori Smith is a good and close friend of the family, and I appreciate her updating this site on Jocelyn's recovery. Everything she has said is true. I'm sure that Jocelyn's other side of her family do love and care about her, and I trust they would want what is best for her. However, solicitation and over-dramatization, including releasing information and dramatic pictures, without mine, or her consent, is not what she or I would want, nor is it legal, since she is still a minor, under my custody. Jocelyn did sustain a major skull fracture, but is recovering better, and faster, than even the doctors thought she would. Once again, for this we are very thankful. We don't know if she will have problems in the future, because of this injury, only time will tell, but we remain hopeful and prayerful, that she will not. Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers from people.

    Lowell Clawson, CEO/MGR
    Plus Electric Inc.
    P.O. Box 35
    Bairoil, WY. 82322

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