Shoshone Rose Casino expansion plans to be topic of April 10th LEADER meeting

(Shoshone Rose Casino photo)

(Shoshone Rose Casino photo)

(Lander, Wyo.) – The April breakfast meeting of LEADER Corp will feature a program on the Shoshone Rose Casino’s expansion plans. The casino is located four miles north of Lander on Highway 287 inside the Wind River Reservation. The early morning gathering is scheduled to start at 7:00 a.m., Wednesday, April 10th in the backroom of the Oxbow Restaurant.

According to LEADER Co-chairman Dave Kellogg, the casino will be undergoing a major upgrade to include additional floor space within the Casino and a new hotel.  “This expansion will be a major attraction to the Lander area and will bring in more patrons from out of the area who enjoy the casino environment as well as providing additional employment for the local community,” Kellogg said in a news release.  “Representatives from the Shoshone Rose Casino will be present to discuss the expansion plans.”
LEADER Corporation is a Lander-based Economic Development organization that holds monthly meetings to inform the public on events and projects that affect the economies of Lander, Riverton and Fremont County. LEADER also provides assistance for new businesses that will bring development and jobs to the areaThe co-chairmen of LEADER are Kellogg and Bill Sniffin.


  1. Chato Lyday

    If it wasn't for Native Money, Lander and Riverton would be litterboxes. Business' and Government don't respect the Tribe's unless it profits thier economy, if even then. Did LEADER Corp lobby on behalf of the Tribes when the State fought so hard to keep Casino closed? When the State Lottery comes will business' in town keep Tribal Casino's interests in mind when they start selling powerball in these establishments?

  2. Feike van Dijk

    Love the ideas of the Casino, innovative, fresh and daring…….but something we also need in Fremont County….people pump money in it and they actually give a lot back, especially the things we do need…..a water park….wow an event center….double wow…I Love it…..think about the community how they'll benefit, more tourists more people visiting our lovely community….Thank the tribes for their ideas….

  3. Sofa Spud

    Kind of funny u would say Lander and Riverton would be litter boxes without tribal money. I'm not saying it isn't true, but its funny because even with all the tribes money the the Rez is exactly where you say Lander and Riverton would be. Does the rez have walmart, mcdonalds, sears, etc., etc.,. So whats the tribes excuse? I guess it's a good thing that the tribes are finally getting to profit from Lander and Riverton. And instead of being mad about it….the smart thing to do would be to welcome the Lander and Riverton people….because this is business…..and in business their money is just as green as tribal members money…..and if you want a 165000 sq foot casino to succeed your going to need the white mans money…..time to accept it.

  4. Chato Lyday

    Pretty sure a Casino around here is more geared towards tourist, like most things Wyoming. As far as business there would be a down season, if Fremont or any White Folks from Wyoming who really oppose gambling. It is easy to be critical from the couch, but to be a true bigot you should use your real name, that's still accepted around here too.

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