Private comprehensive cancer center proposed for Riverton; Public meeting set Friday morning

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By Ernie Over, managing editor,

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A former Fremont County oncologist now practicing in Gillette is proposing to construct a cancer center in Fremont County. Dr. Keith Mills has scheduled a public meeting to discuss the topic Friday morning at the Holiday Inn in Riverton at 10 a.m..

Mills has created the Wyoming Cancer Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization to promote the idea. “Our goal at the Wyoming Cancer Foundation is to raise $5-million over the next three years to build a cancer center which will include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, cancer support services and a community education center. I’ve got the blueprints and the land and I’d like to invite the community to join the conversation,” he said.

According to the organization’s web site, Rebecca Smith of Riverton is the Executive Director of the organization.

“If you have cancer in Fremont County, you have to take the bus to Casper for your treatments. Why can’t we build a cancer center here?” he asked when talking with on Tuesday. “We should have our own cancer center and tie that in to the great nursing program at Central Wyoming College. I think it’s time to approach the community with this idea.”

Mills said the Wyoming Cancer Foundation intends to build what he termed is a “a comprehensive” cancer center. “This will make quality cancer care more accessible to Wyoming families,” he said.

Mills said a capital campaign will be organized to fund the center. For additional information about the Foundation, click here. 

An architectural rending of what the local cancer center would look like. (Wyoming Cancer Foundation)

An architectural rending of what the local cancer center would look like. (Wyoming Cancer Foundation)





  1. Roger L'angevin

    If you want to build a PRIVATE cancer center here would be great HOWEVER use PRIVATE MONEY to build it.

  2. County 10 News Desk

    The word “private” used in the headline refers to a private fundraising drive, not public funding as the story clearly indicates.

  3. Brett Watson

    I believe that is what they are trying to do. No where in the article did it say they were seeking State or Federal funding. It would be a nice addition for this area!

  4. Roger L'angevin

    as long as they are looking for private money I'm all for it.

  5. Janet Huot Smith

    That is why what Rocky Mountain Oncology is doing in the area makes sense! We have been in Fremont County for over 15 years providing chemotherapy services to the residents – now we are adding in radiation oncology and will be offering comprehensive services by the end of 2013. We are investing in and committing to Fremont County – and look forward to allowing the folks of Lander and Riverton to stay close to home for their full service treatment. Look for our site announcement coming VERY soon! We will be digging ground in the next couple months!

  6. Janet Huot Smith

    They are seeking public and state funds – and a project like this will rely upon continual public support to keep up the equipment, facility improvements and overhead.

  7. Patty Huot Coleman

    Great news for Fremont County.

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