Solid waste board debated definition of a secured load at Monday meeting

By Ernie Over, managing editor,

(Lander, Wyo.) – The definition of a secured load was a major item of discussion at Monday’s Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District Board in Lander. District Superintendent Andy Frey said district employees have been experiencing verbal abuse from customers when the trash haulers are assessed an additional $5 fine for not having their load secured.

District Attorney Rick Sollars said  the definition of  “secured” is somewhat vague in the district’s current rules and regulations, which he said may lead to “arbitrary” enforcement, depending on which employee is on duty.

An example of a secured load of plastic trash bags at the Pavillion  transfer station. The elastic "spider web" holds the plastic bags in place and prevents them from blowing out of the bed of the pickup. (Ernie Over photo)

An example of a secured load of plastic trash bags at the Pavillion transfer station. The elastic “spider web” holds the plastic bags in place and prevents them from blowing out of the bed of the pickup. The load could also be secured with tie downs, a tarp or other cover.  (Ernie Over photo)

The board discussed what “secured” meant, with several different opinions. Board member Mike Morgan of Dubois said he believes that if trash is secured if it’s in a plastic bag that is tied closed. “That’s securing the trash,” he said. Frey, however, said even bagged trash under Morgan’s definition could be blown out of the back of a pickup truck, especially if the load exceeds the height of the pickup bed or trailer. “We have to hire staff to go around at our sites to pick up garbage that blows out of loads,” he said.

“But it’s not our business to enforce this on state roads,” Morgan said.

Baumann said the tied plastic trash bags could be placed into a container with a lid. “That will secure them,” he said.

New board member Gary Weisz of Shoshoni asked if his several bags of trash had to be secured, even though the speed limit from his home to the Shoshoni transfer station is 20 mph. “Yes,” Frey said.

As written, the current rule, which has been in effect for a decade or more, says, in Chapter II, Section 8, paragraph (A) “Solid Waste conveyed to any solid waste disposal site within the District, whether a landfill, transfer station or baling station, must be tied, covered or secured in such a manner that the waste shall not and cannot be strewn upon the streets, roads and highways within Fremont County. All loose solid waste must be secured with a lid, a tarp, or other adequate and secure cover; (B) Any person who transports waste to a solid waste disposal site in violation of this Section shall have imposed un them the following: 1. First Violation, fee in the amount of $5.00.” Subsequent violations by the same trash hauler are subject in increasing fines, up to $100 on a fourth violation including suspension of the trash hauler’s access to the disposal site.

“Behavior modification is the issue,” said board member Steve Baumann of Lander. “It happens if people are not willing to address their behavior.

Morgan said he appreciated that there be a need for regulations, “but…”  And Baumann said specificity is needed to eliminate the confusion.

Frey said the District’s rule mirrors Wyoming State Statutes. “Every solid waste operation I’ve ever been involved with has had this regulation,” he said.

Frey said he would work on a better definition to satisfy the board members and present the definition at the next board meeting. The District’s revised set of Rules and Regulations, once approved by the board, would be subject to a 45 day public comment period before they could be adopted.




  1. Marty Beckers

    Wow, maybe the question should be, why we have people in charge that still think we should pay to dump trash.This was the biggest fiasco in Fremont Co. in 50 years.Allot of people can not even afford food , let alone paying to dump their trash.So big wonderful Wyoming is getting trashed as we speak.It's everywhere along most all roads in our county, just out of site.Go take a look on a Sunday drive some day.Let's get someone on that board that uses common sense, and clean up our act.What a shame, but what did they expect.The county even tries to charge officers and others for bringing trash to the landfill that we pick up around this beautiful county.I'm telling you all now we will regret this pay to dump policy til we stop this rotten program.Let us dump free of charge, it's the only way that makes sense! The only way I see to remedy the problem is more county and city taxes.I do hate more taxes, but this isn't working, just like allot of us said it wouldn't.

  2. Ron Melancon

    Loose loads are destroying people and property. Go to and see what your loose loads are doing. I-64 Fatal Accident.

    Henrico County Virginia never enforces the loose loads law….but see what is going on!

  3. Ron Melancon

    This will get someones attention about loose loads..

  4. Ron Melancon

    WE helped Washingtion State with this..
    The demonstration coincides with increased enforcement of secured load laws. Last Sunday, April 13, the Washington State Patrol began conducting emphasis patrols, issuing tickets to drivers with unsecured loads.

    "Loss of load incidents are entirely preventable," said Washington State Patrol Chief John R. Batiste. "Spending just a few minutes securing a load can save someone from serious injury or death."

  5. Todd Smith

    Marty I couldnt agree more. Take a drive around any of the previous transfer areas and you can find a wealth of trash, animal carcasses and furniture. This is a huge problem in our County and why the transfer stations were created several years ago. No plan to combat this problem the County dove right in to repeate the mistakes of the past. That's more of a hazard than the occasional load that falls out once in awhile.

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