Mead signs increased gas tax into law

Gov. Matt Mead signed HB69 into law today, increasing gasoline tax by 10 cents per gallon starting in July. (Joshua Scheer photo)

Gov. Matt Mead signed HB69 into law today, increasing gasoline tax by 10 cents per gallon starting in July. (Joshua Scheer photo)

By Joshua Scheer, reporter,

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) – At about 12:30 p.m. on Friday, Gov. Matt Mead signed into law a bill that would provide revenue for the Wyoming Department of Transportation through an increased fuel tax.

House Bill 69, now House Enrolled Act 38, will increase the gasoline tax from 14 cents to 24 cents per gallon. The same increase applies to diesel. The change will go into effect on July 1.

According to the bill, any increased revenue obtained by the additional taxation will be put toward the ongoing maintenance of state highways. A report on the tax will be conducted this winter for the Joint Appropriations Interim Committee.

Mead and others at the bill signing talked about what a long process to has been to get to this point. Rep. Michael Madden, R-Buffalo, said he’d been working on finding additional road funding for six years.

“This was not done quickly,” Mead said. “This was not done flippantly.”

Mead said over the years the approach has changed, noting previous discussions about toll roads. He said the general fund had been supplementing the WyDOT’s budget, and that means money that would go to other programs was being put toward the highways.

“Roads will continue to be a long term need,” Mead said, later admitting that “Nobody likes the idea of taxes.”

He said he understands that there will be an effect at the gas pump, but right now no one knows the magnitude of effect.

Mead saidWyDOT will need to continue to work wisely with its money, spending “every penny wisely.” However, he does not believe more efficient spending measures would have brought WyDOT where it needs to be.

Fremont County Legislators who supported the bill were: Rep. Rita Campbell, R-Shoshoni; Rep. Patrick Goggles, D-Ethete; and Rep. Lloyd Larsen, R-Lander.

Those who opposed the bill were: Rep. David Miller, R-Riverton; Rep. Nathan Winters, R-Thermopolis (including Shoshoni); Sen. Cale Case, R-Lander; and Sen. Eli Bebout, R-Riverton.



  1. Karlee Larsen-Zach

    So now what used to be $4.20 of revenue for the state when I fill up my truck is $7.20. Way to go POLITICIANS!

  2. Justin Long

    They say per family it's $144 a year I think it's a little more.

  3. Karlee Larsen-Zach

    Not at my house, we have to drive too far.. Fill up about once a week. So… $374.40 per year. Woo Hoo.

  4. Karlee Larsen-Zach

    Per truck no less! So with both Joe and I. $748.80.

  5. Justin Long

    Yep I now any raise I get will go to insurance and taxes! So it will be more like a decrease not a raise.

  6. Karlee Larsen-Zach

    Yep, and the transportation fees will have to go up from business perspective in order to re-coup the loss.

  7. Joyce Hazlewood

    Not sure why it has to be 10 cents? That is a lot of revenue!

  8. Jen Nate Smith

    Wow…what is going on with our state government?

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