WLRC bill amendment failed on House floor vote this morning; Amendment could be brought back on Third reading


(Updated at 11:55 a.m. In an e-mail Sen. Cale Case, R-Lander, reported that the amendment failed to pass the House of Representatives.)

By Joshua Scheer, reporter, county10.com

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) – A bill ordering a study of Wyoming Life Resource Center’s clients and the possibility of transitioning them to community service providers is scheduled to be discussed on the Wyoming House of Representatives floor today.

The House convenes for business at 10 a.m. and is the third and final item on the agenda for today.

In an e-mail this morning to members of the Friends of the Wyoming Life Resource Center, Sen. Cale Case, R-Lander, urged individuals to contact members of the House and push for an approval of the amended bill that came out of the Labor Committee.

“It is at this time that the House will decide to adopt the changes that the Labor Committee made to the bill on Wednesday,” Case wrote. “We want the House to adopt these changes and possibly made further improvements …. OUR POSITION IS THAT WE SUPPORT THE BILL WITH AMENDMENTS AND OPPOSE THE UNFAIR UNAMENDED BILL.”

The original bill states: “The department of health shall conduct a study of the possibility of transitioning clients of the Wyoming life resource center to community based services.”

Per the proposed amendments, the same line would read: “The department of health shall conduct a study of the most effective and efficient means of providing needed care to clients of the Wyoming life resource center including whether care should be provided at the life resource center or through community based services.”

The amendment also includes:

“(viii)  An investigation of other services that may be effectively provided by the Wyoming life resource center to citizens of Wyoming in a manner which strengthens the delivery system to persons with developmental disabilities, acquired brain injuries or other conditions requiring services;

(ix)  Identification of ways in which the Wyoming life resource center can support the efforts of community programs, including but not limited to:

(A)  Wheelchairs, adaptive equipment and supportive orthotics;

(B)  Health consultations; or

(C)  Temporary residential services.”

Read the full original bill here.

“The best way to contact the House members is by email,” Case wrote. “EMAIL IS BETTER THAN THE HOTLINE AS THEY WON”T GET THE HOTLINE RESULTS UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE.”

Contact information for House members can be found here.


  1. Denise Caskey

    I have worked there and I can tell you based on my experience that community living centers are not equiped to handle the severity of the disabilities of the people living at WLRC. This is a complete waste of money and time.

  2. Melinda Caskey

    They already annually evaluate clients to determine if community programs are more appropriate. This bill is pointless and serves only to cut the ability of the WLRC to help our most vulnerable citizens.

  3. B.s. Chaser

    Then there is the fraud and abuse committed by these community based services. I can tell you first hand that it is real. The Medicaid fraud dept has been investigating several cases of this fraud and abuse since last summer. But the public never gets to hear about it. They are also pushing the clients into senior housing and are not filling the vacancies with other seniors. Someone needs to really look into what all is going on.

  4. Antje Varichak

    Dito Denise! Most important point of all… Nobody else has the appropriate equipment or is resourceful enough to give the high standard type of care like the WLRC. Also we forget clients rights in these political based decisions…. Do they have a chance to voice their opinion? This is "Their" home and not ours and this is all what they know.

  5. Feike van Dijk

    What the heck is this State thinking?
    Budgetting reasons?
    Getting rid of well needed jobs and putting people on the streets…..
    A huge population that had "Special Needs" already went to CES and that were folks that are not as severely "disabled" as the ones at the State School now.
    The staff is trained, special programs are working well, maintenance workers build special adaptive tools but fix chairs and also other things.
    Most if not all residents need one on one care in the community and nursing homes who is going to pay for that?
    Medicare, Medicaid well I would say the State will end up paying for training new staff, building special adaptive equipment, pay for one on ones, maybe they could after selling the WLRC's property in this market for a year or so…
    Is it correct to stuff it up the communities butt and not think about these valuable but vulnerable individuals and throw them in a new environment with "family" they don't know at all….
    De-institutionalizing the state school maybe would help….less paperwork and more hands-on (not writing/typing the same info on 18 different forms) saves some trees, saves a lot more budget and staff and residents will be a lot happier…..
    Most of the individuals were already born with these limitations and some with brain injuries have to keep on living with limitations a lot of us (especially the ones in politics) are able to make decisions every day, why do we take their rights away, their family and their homes away…..how would you feel if some bully takes that away!
    Our Country and State need to prioritize their spendings and spend less on ignorant and stupid things, take their head out of someone elses bussiness for instance and think about things that really count (overspending has been a trend the last decenia).
    I've worked for over 12 yrs with individuals with special needs all over this messed up world and I'm getting sick of people that don't make decissions with a compassionate heart.
    This world would be a better place if we all wore different shoes so now and then and walked in the shoes of people's lives we tend to orchestrate…

  6. Frank Symington


  7. George Abernathy

    Barbara Abernathy employee at WLRC I agree with Denise. I feel the community programs are not eguiped to handle the care for our clients at WLRC. I have worked in the Community programs in the past. These programs are designed for higher fuctioning cliets.I mean no disrespect to the cliets we care for at our program. But Antje Also has a good point. What about the clients rights? This is just not fair. We need to think of their welfair and how this would affect them. I have worked at WLRC for over twelve years now. Our Cliets are treated with dignity and respect.This is how it should be. They should not be forced to leave their homes. How would this make you feel? They are use to the way things are where they are at. this works. So why mess with a progam that already fuctions well? If they were to move these people to Community Programs would it really save money or not? This is the question?

  8. George Abernathy

    Barbara Abernathy I agree with some points made By Denise and Antje. I worked in the Community programs in the past. They are better designed for higher fuctioning people than we have in our program. Our program is set up well for the Clients we service. They are treated with dignity and respect.This is their homes. How would you feel if some asked you to leave the comfort of your home? Is this fair? No this is not.I have worked at WLRC for over twelve years now. I support Continuing the program in progress At WLRC. It serves the clients we have very well. Why change something in a program that works so well? Save our jobs, save our community Please.

  9. George Abernathy

    Barbara Abernathy I agree with Denise, Antje And Melinda.I have worked in Community programs in the past.they are designed for higher fuctioning clients.Our program is more appropriately designed for our Clients. They are treated with dignity and respect. This is their homes.their ways of life that they are use to. How would you feel if you were asked to leave the comrfort of your home.I am an emlpoyee at WLRC.I have been for twelve years.So I say save our jobs to help keep our Community strong.

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