Photo of the Day: Giant Sugar Beet unearthed during harvest

A very large sugar beet from the Klein Farm at Pavillion. Photo submitted by Greg & Rhonda McLaughlin.

(Pavillion, Wyo.) – There are sugar beets, and then there are sugar beets. Unearthed this past week at the Klein farm near Pavillion was a 15 pound sugar beet that Looked more like an octopus than a sugar beet. Sugar beets usually average between one and two pounds in size. Sugar beets raised in Fremont County are trucked to Worland where the farmer-owned Wyoming Sugar Company refines the beets into sugar. Molasses and animal feed are byproducts from the refining process.


  1. Ginny Carlson Warren

    Wowzer…that is one honkin' BIG sugar beat….be afraid, be very afraid…

  2. Michelle Webber Dolbow

    Wow! I thought the 5lb beet I have sitting on my kitchen floor was a monster.

  3. Lucinda Page Knox

    Does this remind anyone else of "Alien"?

  4. Tony Locicero

    Sorry people, but that is a baby. Have seen them almost 40 pounds in Minnesota/North Dakota. They have a contest up in Crookston MN and some of these are almost unbelievable huge. Look like pods from Night of the Living Dead! Had pictures but need to go looking for them. I really, really have to start labeling pictures when I take them! Been taking digital pictures since 1996 and have 10s of thousands of them!

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