New WYDOT web cams installed at Beaver Rim, Kinnear, Wind River Canyon, Jeffrey City, Muddy Gap and other locations

WYDOT’s new Wind River Canyon web camera displays this scene. (WYDOT)

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Northwest Wyoming drivers will benefit this winter and in the future with the installation of eight new web cameras located throughout central and northwest Wyoming.

Web cameras are now operational on Beaver Rim, 5.99 miles west of the Sweetwater Station Rest Area on U.S. 287; at Kinnear Junction, one mile west of Kinnear on U.S. 26 west of Riverton; in Wind River Canyon, 9.5 miles south of Thermopolis on U.S. 20/Wyoming 789; on Meeteetse Rim, 9.5 miles north of Meeteetse on Wyoming 120; and on Skull Creek Hill, eight miles north of Cody on Wyoming 120.
“These new WYDOT web cameras will help drivers make good choices about winter travel before heading out there this winter,” said Russ Dowdy, Wyoming Department of Transportation maintenance foreman in Thermopolis. “And internally within WYDOT, these web cameras will help improve our winter plowing efforts, and should enhance public safety.”
For drivers heading south between Lander/Riverton, Jeffrey City and Rawlins, three other new web cameras are also operational. They are located 9.6 miles west of Jeffrey City; at Muddy Gap at the junction of Wyoming 220/Wyoming 789 and U.S. 287, and on Willow Hill, 11.6 miles north of Rawlins on U.S. 287.

The intersection of Wyoming Highways 132 and 133 with U.S. 26 just west of Kinnear. (WYDOT)

To access Wyoming Department of Transportation web cameras, go to on the Internet. To access winter road conditions, go to the Internet and or call 511.

The image from WYDOT’s web cam at Muddy Gap Junction. (WYDOT)

The view from the Jeffrey City area web cam on US 287. (WYDOT)

The Beaver Rim web cam looking west on US 287. (WYDOT)

The Dubois web cam just west of town. (WYDOT)



  1. Kenny Smith

    Great viewing of the Kinnear intersection. If they turned the camera around it would show the WY 132 (Blue Sky Highway) last to be plowed (if at all) by WYDOT from a snowstorm.

  2. Bob Haywood

    We really need a camera near Dubois and over Togwotee, look at the map, there's a huge gap in highway information in this area.

  3. Matt Pattison

    It would have been nicer to place the Beaver rim one on the other side where the 9% grade is but oh no put it on the other side!! More truckers pull this steep grade and during the winter all we have to rely on is road map and road report!

  4. Michael Eggers

    take the dirt road matt from the end of the pavement on the gas hils side. me and a oil company drove hot oilers over this in 07. its easy to shift that road over beaver rim. its like only a 2 percent.

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