Fire on horse property in Stoney Point extinguished by neighbors, DVFD

Neighbors and Dubois residents with water tanks on their trucks responded quickly to a fire that threatened horses in a corral near Stoney Point this afternoon (June Bonasera photo)

By June Bonasera,

(Dubois, Wyo.) – It’s every horse owner’s worst nightmare. A fire on the property where you keep your horses occurring when they are there. That happened today at approximately 4:01 p.m. at 137 Stoney Point Drive West of Dubois. Quick action by neighbors calling 911, and Dubois residents and neighbors with water tanks on their trucks arrived at the scene before the fire department arrived and helped suppress the flames. The Dubois fire department arrived at the scene and is making sure the fire is completely out. The fire seems to have begun behind a loafing shed and spread to grass underneath a buck and rail fence. Horses were in the corral where the fire began and are all safe.

A Fremont County Sheriff’s Deputy raced to the scene and is visible looking at the extent of the fire before water trucks arrived. (June Bonasera photo)

Neighbors carrying buckets of water raced to douse the flames. (June Bonasera photo)

Water buckets were filled from a tank on the back of a pick up. (June Bonasera photo)

Any container that could hold water was used to help put the fire out. (June Bonasera photo)

Horses in the pasture retreated to the far side to escape the flames and all the commotion. None of the horses were injured. (June Bonasera photo)


  1. Bill Harnsberger

    the fire started at 81 Stoney Point Road when a power company transformer malfuntioned.

  2. John Williams

    Good thing for neighbor Bill Harnsberger for seeing it and calling for help. Coulda been a lot worse…

  3. Bill Harnsberger

    thanks John, but thanks to Mike Hagert and family, Robin Wiltshire and crew, Billy Snodgrass, Nate, Eric, Mike of Fremont County Sheriffs Dept., Leisenfeld family, Dave Reibe, Dubois Volunteer Fire Dept., USFS, High Plains Power crew, and all those I missed that helped prevent this fire from being worse than it was.

  4. Bill Harnsberger

    For the record, the fire did not "begin in a corral". I saw the smoke after loosing power about 3:59pm. When I arrived about 4:04 the fire had obviously started from a power transformer at the corner of the property, behind the horse shed, at 81 Stoney Point Rd. Although it was running, the fire began at the transformer.

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