Horse hair thievery continues

By Joshua Scheer, reporter,

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – Fremont County Sheriff’s Capt. Ryan Lee said horse hair thieves are continuing to take the tails from horses in the Kinnear and Pavillion area of Fremont County.

“We’ve handled four or five this morning,” Lee said Monday afternoon.

Throughout the last week, Lee said his office has received roughly eight reports of horses’ tails being cut and the hair taken. He did not have an exact count on hand. Several horses with cut tails were reported in the Kinnear area Sunday evening.

“I would assume they’re connected,” Lee said.

He said the sheriff’s office did not have leads to possible suspects.

Lee is asking for people to “keep a keen eye” and to “report suspicious activity.”

The Casper and Glenrock areas also have been hit by horse hair thieves this summer. This year’s first related incident in Fremont County was in January, followed by several reports in early spring and one last week.


  1. Judy Fuller

    Keep your eye out Elaine!

  2. Elaine Carr Hollings

    Thanks for the heads up, hope they stay off of our property!

  3. Peggy Ann Wagoner

    it is way worse in casper this has been going on since the first of the year everyone needs to keep there eyes open and ears open the people that's doing this haven't been keeping their mouths shut so please come forward with information to stop this from continuing! horses use there tails to swat away flies and misquitos and other bugs that bite.

  4. Jennifer Salmans

    Thanks for spreading the word! They got three of my mom's horses and two of my mom's neighbor's horses over the weekend (out in Kinnear), and this morning, a friend found two of their horses with missing tails in Riverton (off of Raintree). Someone, somewhere has to know something…

  5. Laurie Morgan

    that is horrible who would do that

  6. Janice Cox Yoak

    When I went to work one of the customers at the Kinnear store said her day got started wrong. when she got up and went out she found one of her horses had its tail missing! Sick people.

  7. Clarisa N Mikel Emerson

    Hmmm…didn't they use to hang horse thieves in the old days? Same difference eh?

  8. Becki Hunter Peterson

    this is sick!! What's wrong with people?

  9. Theresa Foster

    What exactly can we do or watch for? and I need to know so I can do it! id love to catch these pathetic abusive A…..HLS. sorry but I'm so tired of animal cruelty….

  10. Linda Lopez

    I am just curious….what do these people want with the horse tails? I don't know much about horses, just read this article and it seems weird to me. People sure do some crazy, meaningless stuff.

  11. Sarah Elizabeth Cox

    I hope they stay away from my horses! I think this is horrible! Why can't we catch these losers? Don't they have to be selling them somewhere?

  12. Sarah Elizabeth Cox

    I hope they stay away from my horses! I think this is horrible! Why can't we catch these losers? Don't they have to be selling them somewhere?

  13. Freyja Del Duca

    That's so awful. Hopefully they won't do that to your horses and I hope that they will stop

  14. Freyja Del Duca

    I totally agree with you. It's so awful.
    How would they feel if someone did that to them

  15. Shannon Cockreham

    This happened to a friend of mine just last week. Major bummer!!!

  16. Sarah Elizabeth Cox

    In colorado Shannon? Wow I thought it might be just the crazies here. Its a major bummer.

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