Lucas Myhre, 27, shot and killed in Riverton; Dustin Nickelson, 23, charged with murder

The door to Apartment #2 at 811 East Adams in Riverton has been sealed with crime scene tape. 27-year-old Lucas Myhre was shot and killed at that address around 9:28 pm Thursday night. (Ernie Over photo)

By Ernie Over, managing editor,

UPDATED at 1:15 p.m.

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Riverton Police have identified the suspect in Thursday night’s shooting death as 23-year-old Dustin Nickelson of Riverton, who is being held at the county detention center on First Degree Murder charges. Captain C. T. Smith said a handgun suspected as being used in the incident was located during the time of the arrest. No other details were divulged.

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A 27-year-old Riverton man identified as Lucas Myhre of Riverton was shot and killed at an aparatment in the 800 block of East Adams Thursday night, according to Riverton Police Captain C. T. Smith. A suspect was taken into custody and has been booked into the Fremont County Detention Center in Lander on a charge of First Degree Murder. The suspect’s name will not be released until he appears in court. Smith said the name is being withheld “for investigative concerns at this time.” It is unknown when the suspect will make his initial appearance.

The RPD received a call at 9:28 p.m. of shots being fired at an apartment complex at 811 East Adams, Apartment #2, and upon arrival at the scene, Smith said officers “found one male who was down and unresponsive at the scene.” Smith said the man, later identified at Myhre, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Smith said there were several people at the scene when officers arrived, “and initial indications point to this incident as being a homicide.”

The case is being investigated by the Riverton Police Department. Smith said the Fremont County Coroner’s Office responded and took custody of the body.

The shooting Thursday night is the second homicide this week in Fremont County. A St. Stephen’s man was shot and killed at a Lander residence on Tuesday morning, but information in that case is being withheld on the order of Fremont County Circuit Court Judge Robert Denhart because it allegedly involves a sex crime.

A Riverton man was shot and killed at this apartment complex Thursday night. (Ernie Over photo)



  1. Kristy Fried

    you will be missed.

  2. Valerie Rose Leseberg

    Rest in peace.

  3. Sarah Steger

    So sad. You will be missed by many.

  4. Andrea Martinez- Watson

    too young to be taken away from this world lucas!

  5. Sheila Highsmith

    May his family find comfort and strength at this time…..

  6. Heidi Schaible

    So so sad for his family :'(

  7. Katie Grubb Napa

    Jamie Lynn Cook this just seems a little too close to old home… so sad

  8. Jamie Lynn Cook

    Does anyone have an idea of who the suspect is????!!!!

  9. Briana Bloodworth

    Jamie Lynn Cook dustin nicholson shot him

  10. Tiffany Blizzard


  11. Kristina Marie Olson

    I love you cousin and you will be forever missed :(

  12. Nichole Williams

    RIP luke. We will miss you dearly :*(.

  13. Jake David

    So sad…lucas was a good egg.

  14. Marshall Baker

    all of our prayers r with him and his family

  15. Michele Bolte-Trobiani

    So sad to hear about this.

  16. Desaray Bessler

    RIP… super sad… We will all miss u.

  17. Diego Garcia

    Were r da kids

  18. Jana Russell

    So sad I feel so bad for his family

  19. Troy Spear

    Knew Luke for my whole life haven't seen him in years and this still hurts

  20. Shannon Cowan

    Rest in peace Luke. Prayers go out to the family.

  21. Brandon Drake

    i used to live in that apartment.

  22. Elizabeth Herron

    How did this happen?

  23. David Masters

    Yeah the guy that shot him was my boss

  24. Linda Tellinghuisen

    You're a sweetheart luv. Thank you for your support. =] <3

  25. Lonnie Ellison

    Sad Scene, choose your friends.

  26. Mikaela Gilbert

    You are missed Lucas! All of my love to you and your family. :'(

  27. Nena Rox

    This is so sad….

  28. Laurie Myhre

    It's touching to our family to read the supportive comments. For those who knew Lucas, you know how good-hearted he was. Thanks for caring.

  29. Sonija York

    this is so prayers go out to lucas family…so sorry for yalls loss…

  30. Sonija York

    dustin is also my son jasons boss..was anyway..

  31. Arlene Schommer

    The owners and staff at The Wherehouse, LLC offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends during this tragic time. RIP Luke!

  32. Sarah Louise Christen

    Love you forever Lucas

  33. Cindy Cj Huber

    this is so, so sad.

  34. Cody Joy

    My brother is innocent until PROVEN guilty. If some of you people would shut up and know what really happened then maybe you all wouldn't talk so much crap. There are TWO families involved! My sincere condolences go out to the man that lost his life a few days ago and also to his Family! We are Supporting you Dustin Nickelson. WE KNOW THE REAL TRUTH BEHIND THE PURPOSE OF THIS! WE Love you brother. Keep your chin up ;*).

  35. Jolene Vanderpool

    OMG I would never think Dustin to be in this situation I pray for your Family Cody and he is in my thought hope they get this figured out.,..

  36. Cody Joy

    Everything should go smoothly for the most part, just time is not on our side but it was self defence and we ARE doing all we can at the moment.

  37. Jolene Vanderpool

    Wow well tell him to keep his head high and hope for the best

  38. Pam Barlow

    Love you all prayers on the way. I will call your Mom later today.

  39. Eva Linton

    So many {{hugs}} going to both families. Cody, if you need anything, let me know.

  40. Michelle-Red Nierling

    so so sad Sarah…. ((((((( HUG )))))))

  41. Lupe Sanchez

    Omg cody sorry to hear about ur brother ill keep u and ur family in my prayers. <3

  42. Benny Cloud

    Wtf. Keep me informed.

  43. Tauren Gess

    my heart goes out to you and lukes family we were great friends many years ago and this breaks my heart if there is anything i can do please let me know. God bless

  44. Melisa Lynn

    wow that's scary. Hope everything turns out right. Good luck to your family, condolences to the family of the deceased, you will all be in my prayers

  45. Chuck E Witt


  46. Dareese N Russ Smith

    Self defense is not shooting an unarmed man that was standing outside of the apartment that's y they r charging him w first degree murder.

  47. Heather Antunez

    it sad lucas just got his kids my daughter dont have a uncle now.fuck up.

  48. Heather Antunez

    lucas was shot 6times in the head.self defense my ass.i hope he fry for what he did to are family.

  49. Derry Joe Hennings

    this was a self defense shooting. it is an outrage that he's even being charged with anything. he should have been written a check.

  50. Johnathan Mirdila

    I think I'm missing something. Why was it self defense?

  51. Derry Joe Hennings

    the guy he shot broke into his home and threatened his family. I would have shot him too

  52. Johnathan Mirdila

    wat? I think I read the wrong article.

  53. Dottie Broskey

    So what happened that Lucas ended up being shot so sorry for the loss of a loved one

  54. Heather Antunez

    we are wait to find out.i may have to go to the jail and tell his gf.i know it will brake her heart.we are all just wait to here.he was a good dad.his kids always came first.

  55. Heather Antunez

    sad heart are broke.we will stay stronge

  56. Spencer Connell

    Sorry to hear about this Cody…I don't know the situation but I do know that there is another side to this and that Dustin is innocent. Hang in there…I wish you all the best.

  57. Cody Joy

    This dude comes into my brothers house twice and once is enough for me to shoot someone but the second time i would do what Dustin did and that WAS self defense. Dude was in my brothers house and if i recall the 2nd amendment gives us that right.

  58. Lonnie Lemley

    How could you even say it was self defense obviously you dont know your brother like you claim Because like dereese already said how can it be self defense when the victim my very good friend was unarmed all that is called is being "CHICKENSHIT" and Dustin knows it

  59. Lonnie Lemley

    Bullshit he did not break into anyones house it was not in self defence luke was unarmed and found face down outside the apartment dont talk about anything if you dont even know what went on or how it happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Brandy Sue Lane

    I don't understand how that many shots is considered 'self defense'
    Just saying.

  61. Stephanie Skinner

    Didnt we go to school with Dustin?

  62. Madison Johnson

    I agree. 5 shots to the dome and that's "self-defense".. sorry he knocked on the wrong door.

  63. Brandy Sue Lane

    Yes Stephanie we did.
    And Madd Idk if they were all dome shots I do believe he had some in the abdomen and chest as well. Makes it even look more like murder…..

  64. Kristin Herms

    All them shots are not self defense in sorry. Ya maybe one or two but not 9!

  65. Kristy Fried

    If you want to attend the memorial service for lucas and support the family. It is monday (tomorrow) at set free church at 2 pm :)

  66. Cody Shirk

    He didn't shoot him in the head, your all dumb. Get your facts straight, Luke was tryin to force his way into Dustin's house and Dustin panicked and just started pulling the trigger until the threat (Luke) was no longer a threat. I'd have done the same thing. Dustin's mom and girlfriend both called me and told me what happened. Safe to say his girlfriend was in the house when it happened so she would know exactly what happened. He was protecting himself and his girlfriend. I've known Dustin for 13 years, Dustin shot him for a reason

  67. Rashelle Foos

    self defense my ass he should sit in jail!!!! RIP cousin

  68. Briana Bloodworth

    was cody there??? didnt think so!

  69. Brandy Sue Lane

    Whoa Cody you can drop that attitude RIGHT now. I said NOTHING bad I was saying FROM AN OUTSIDERS OPINION that many shots doesn't look like self defense and shut up with the 'dumb' name calling….it is called MISSINFORMED so chill the hell out because from what is being said there were shots to the head. Not everybody got the 'whole story' like yourself so slow your damn roll.

  70. Brandy Sue Lane

    Pretty sure there is no reason to be fighting on here I am sorry if MY opinion caused any tention. My thoughts and prayers go out to BOTH families.
    End of story fighting over it is stupid.

  71. Kimberly Quillin Barrios

    Cody, Lucas was my cousin. With that being said, I do believe that there are two sides to every story. The information I was given regarding my cousin's death does not support "self defense," but who knows at this point what the truth is. On this page alone I have read many different accounts of what happened. Whatever happened that night…whoever is to blame, one thing is certain…many lives will be changed forever and WE ALL LOSE. My condolences go out to your family also.

  72. Pam Barlow

    No one knows what happened forsure except 3 people. So all of you can just shut up, you cannot trust what the news media says. Dustin is Innocent until proven Quilty. This has changed the lifes of many people. I'am sorry for the family who lost thier son/father. I'am also sorry for what Dustin family is going through too. God Bless you all. The truth will be told.

  73. Glenn Jacobs

    very sad

  74. Kristy Fried

    The family of Lucas Myhre has asked for me to post on here that the funeral is today at 2 pm at set free church. At 4 there will be a get together at sunset park, please bring anything you want to share and a covered dish of something (anything) to eat. Sorry this is a rush but the family is swamped with things to take care of….please post this around and share with everyone!

  75. Jose Lemus

    Luke was found face down sounds like your brother shot someone in the back. 1 million bond sounds not so innocent

  76. Jael Lemus

    A Riverton man remains in jail on a second-degree murder charge after a judge on Friday set his bond at $1 million cash, accused of shooting and killing a man the previous night.
    Dustin Dean Nickelson, 23, appeared in Riverton's Circuit Court for an initial appearance on the single charge filed by the Fremont County Attorney's Office following the Thursday night shooting.
    Myhre killed
    Prosecutors accuse Nickelson of shooting Lucas Myhre, 27, of Riverton, multiple times with a .45 caliber SAR handgun and killing him in front of an apartment at 811 E. Adams Ave.
    Prosecuting documents filed in Circuit Court do not disclose details about why the shooting occurred, but the second-degree murder charge alleges that Nickelson killed Myhre "purposely and maliciously."
    Circuit Judge Wesley A. Roberts scheduled Nickelson's next court date at 9 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 21, for a preliminary hearing to evaluate probable cause in the case.
    The murder charge carries a maximum punishment of between 20 years and life in prison. Nickelson did not have an attorney with him during his court appearance on Friday.
    Multiple shots
    Riverton Police Capt. C.T. Smith said dispatchers received a call at about 9:30 p.m. Thursday concerning multiple shots fired on East Adams Avenue.
    In a sworn statement accompanying the charging documents, police Detective Sgt. Julie Mathews wrote that the dispatcher could hear several females screaming and that someone had been shot.
    An officer arrived on scene and found a man face down and motionless on the sidewalk in front of an apartment, Mathews stated in her affidavit.
    Authorities later identified the man as Myhre.
    "He appeared to be bleeding from the head onto the sidewalk," Mathews stated.
    As officers asked witnesses for the location of the gun used in the shooting, Nickelson said he had shot the man, Mathews alleged in her affidavit.
    Nickelson told police the gun he used in the shooting was on a couch inside of the nearby apartment, Mathews stated. Police recovered the .45 caliber gun and placed Nickelson in handcuffs, securing him in a patrol car.
    Court documents connected the apartment in question as Nickelson's residence. One neighbor said Myhre did not live at the East Adams apartment complex.
    Two officers rendered first aid to the victim on the sidewalk for 10 minutes, Mathews stated.
    Medical personnel at the scene confirmed that Myhre had died, and police noted the possibility of one gunshot wound to the head and two to the chest, Mathews stated.
    Investigators found three bullet holes to a 1999 Ford Explorer in the windshield, grill and bumper located in front of the apartment, according to the affidavit.
    Mathews stated that Myhre's body was between the entryway to the apartment and the Ford Explorer parked outside.
    "Upon investigation, the bullets appeared to have traveled in an eastern direction, and were fired from within the apartment, or from very near the entryway to the apartment," she wrote.
    Riverton police arrested Nickel-son and took him to the Fremont County Detention Center in Lander.

  77. Andrea Martinez- Watson

    Specncer Connell, if you do not know the situation how do you know that dustin is innocent? he shot and killed a man……

  78. Spencer Connell

    Because I've known Dustin for 12 years and I know his character better than most of the people here. He would not commit murder.

  79. Spencer Connell

    My condolences to the victim…no one should die like that.

  80. Chris Gould

    why was he tryin to force his way in to the apartment, and one shot would be enough , and it did hit him in the head so yeah he shot him in the head

  81. Andrea Martinez- Watson

    that may very well be that you know him spencer but truth is he shot and killed someone. someone who was a father, a brother and a son. Dustin pulled that trigger. so weither you know him and his character he still killed someone. no matter the details of what really happend that night.

  82. Lonnie Lemley

    Bull you should all get your facts straight the people that was with luke also knows what happened and know that did not happen like that but it will all come out and Dusty is gonna get what he deserves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Lonnie Lemley

    you should get your facts straight if dustins girlfriend was there then there was five people there who saw the whole thing get it straight

  84. Brandy Sue Lane

    His name is DUSTIN.
    And people need to stop being so hateful about all of this.
    Nobody knows the EXACT story unless they were there.

  85. Tim J. Middleton

    Hmmm. the details are irrelevant wow should try out for politcian someday with comments like that…

  86. Jessica Lea B

    There are actually three sides to something like this- his side, the victims side, and truth. A lot of you just need to read the paper, and keep the very negative comments to yourself. They help no one anyhow. And Tim, to tell Cody she isn't helping her brother any, that isn't true. It's people like you who bash without thought to either family that actually hurt them. For now, each side needs comfort, not rude, trashy, thoughtless comments.

  87. Andrea Martinez- Watson

    im sorry Derry and Cody but making comments like Dustin should be given a check for what he did is not only uncalled for but it is disrespectful. no matter what the reasons were of the situation plan and simple HE KILLED A MAN AND ADMITED TO IT. with that being said i am sure that the memebers in his family are hurt as well.

  88. Angie Snyder Foss

    Spencer Connell i agree,… i too have known dustin with what seems forever…. hes not the type of guy everyone is making him out to be… i believe he is innocent!

  89. Brandin Foos

    How do you believe he was innocent when he pulled the trigger, he was just sitting on his couch when the cops arrived, and the weapon used was in his house? Innocent means he didn't do it, someone else did. I'm sure the finger prints, the bullets in the body of Lucas and Dustins report to the police say he is guilty.

  90. Angie Snyder Foss

    i call self defense but there are only a few people who know the real story… and as for that… no one besides the people there will be the only ones to know the honest to god truth…

  91. Andrea Martinez- Watson

    and because he took luca' life his side will never be told

  92. Lonnie Lemley

    actually get your story straight he did not enter your brothers house and he was found dead face down on the side walk outside so you need to know the entire truth before you say anything

  93. Tiffany Flott

    Ppl need to get there facts straight. it was one shot to the head and 2 to the chest. ppl need to shut it. lucas was my best friend of many years so until you all know the facts dont open your mouth

  94. Tiffany Flott

    Love you luke. always

  95. Lonnie Lemley

    well excuse me "dustin" and your right it is just bull that people want to talk a bunch of crap cause Luke is part of my family so people should keep there mouth shut the truth will all come out in the end then hopefully "dustin" will get what he deserves like we have all said before

  96. Kristl James

    20 years is nothing…at least you get to see your brother and hear his voice…there is nothing innocent about shooting someone 3to times:(

  97. Paula Coldiron

    Lonnie Lemley 5 people? hmmm who would that be, because I know I was there after the fact, and ones I spoke with didnt see the whole thing..

  98. Paula Coldiron

    Chris Gould Curious..have you ever shot a .45 semi automatic handgun..a clip will unload in a matter of seconds. Its not like a naturally there is going to more than one shot fired at a time like that..

  99. Paula Coldiron

    Being found face down doesnt mean anything..People fall in all sorts of direction, depending on impact or whatever..also, the 1million cash bond, doesnt prove guilt, it proves the court system, and what the judge feels is right..You never know, he could of held the bond that high, for Dustins protection of being released..

  100. Paula Coldiron

    Madison Johnson Not 5 shots to his head..there was one..and 2 to his of 3. And a semi automatic handgun will unload a clip in a matter of seconds..

  101. Priscilla Holguin Lopez

    This is nuts I never thought
    Of Dustin like this

  102. Jose Lemus

    ha ha 1 million for his own protection now I've heard it all. the man Dustin killed was a son a brother and a father not the king pin of the mafia protection from who?

  103. Delayne Renner

    It's gonna be damn hard to prove self defense if there isn't also a gun on the victim. Go take a concealed carry or professional gun handling class from any law enforcement institution and they will teach you about "self defense" and the difference between being threatened with bodily harm or actually being in harms way. It is a fine line, but before you get your guns out thinking it is your right as an American citizen to carry it you need to get your brain out too and learn about the INCREDIBLE amount of responsibility it is and the huge weight it carries to play God.

  104. Sasha Holguin Orozco

    who is dustin

  105. Priscilla Holguin Lopez

    you don't member him we use to lol it you went to school with him

  106. Priscilla Holguin Lopez

    I use,to hang out with him you went to school with him

  107. Priscilla Holguin Lopez

    he is a good kid :( both families are in my prayers

  108. Paula Coldiron

    Protection from who? about some of these people who speculate of what happened, listen to rumors, and lies..Then, whoever seeks revenge..And not to just Dustin but his family also..

  109. Jose Lemus

    Dustin's family may need protection also judge throw them all in jail and slap a million dollar bond on them I guess that's how people get protected in riverton

  110. Kristy Fried

    ^^^^^^ you said it best Delayne

  111. Andrea Martinez- Watson

    I would just like to say that everyone is hurting from this whole situation no matter what side of the "courtroom" you will be on. yes everyone is entiltled to their own opinions but sitting here fighting over the internet is not going to solve any problems, neither with anyone from either side "trying to get revenge" you will only make matters worse.

  112. Patty Granlund

    Amen Andi<3!!!

  113. Candice Martinez Pereda

    Strongly agree!!

  114. SarahandJoe Newberry

    i agree… no matter what side your on its terrible …. absolutely terrible but because of the severity of the situation people are going to be mad and say how they feel…. i just hope everyone says what they wanna say and doesn't act on their feelings :( only god can judge any of us ….

  115. Lonnie Lemley

    I talked to one of the 2 girl that was with luke and then there was luke dustin and aparently dustins girlfriend and they also mentioned you being there

  116. Ashley Spoonhunter

    That's what's wrong with todays world. People think they r all big n bad cuz they have a gun. They dont realize how final pulling that trigger is… This is a very sad situation… 2 families will 4ever be changed… I don't care the reason behind this, nobody deseves to be shot and killed like this. When will this madness end? My heart goes out to Lucas' family… U will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  117. Paula Coldiron

    Oh I see…yes I was but not until after the fact..Prior to that I dont have a clue of what was said, or events that took place…

  118. Paula Coldiron

    Oh I see…yes I was but not until after the fact..Prior to that I dont have a clue of what was said, or events that took place…

  119. Cody Joy

    The TRUTH will be out soon ENOUGH!!!!

  120. Chris Gould

    Paula Coldiron your talking like its fully auto… it doesnt just unload itself you have to pull the trigger everytime…. I have shot a .45 semi automatic handgun. not tryin to argue just sayin

  121. Rachel M Feuerhelm

    Nothing we say or do will bring
    Him back. All we can do is pray that God serves the man who had no right no take his life, justice. It's not fair for his kids to spend their lives without him. Rip Lucas I love you forever and always!!!

  122. Jose Lemus

    They should have a book to read I guess????

  123. Jose Lemus


  124. Cody Joy

    Well written Timmy!!! :) xoxo

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