One Shot activities moved from school; final location not determined

By Ernie Over, managing editor,

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Lander One Shot Club has decided to move its banquets out of the Lander Middle School and will rent a large tent instead, Board Member and Past President Richard Fagnant said Monday. “We’re going to a different venue to avoid the controversy,” Fagnant said. “We’re not sure where that will be at this point. We’re still trying to figure out where we’ll pitch the thing.”

The Lander City Council last Tuesday voted unanimously to approve a catering permit for the B&B Lounge to cater alcohol at the event, but concerns over having alcohol in a school building prompted threats of an injunction by local resident Martin Mazurie through his Riverton attorney. By moving the event away from the school, the controversy is avoided.

The One Shot Club had sought the school location as the only logical available host building for the Club’s banquets after the Lander Community Center was lost to fire in July. The school board agreed to waive its no alcohol policy and agreed to let the club use the school, but some in the community complained.

“We sincerely want to thank the school board for their willingness to help us out,” Fagnant said.

He said a number of locations are under consideration for the 16,000 square foot tent, including the soccer fields, a lot next to Fremont Motors and the Lander Fire Department Drill Field next to City Park. “It’ll depend on where we can get enough power and water for everything,” he said.

Fagnant also said that by changing the location, other things will now change. “The Past Shooters will be asked the use this tent, rather than having their own separate tent at another location,” he said.

Cost of the renting the large tent, including all the extras such as a stage, heating, lighting and area for the caterers to set up, is about $15,000, Fagnant said.

The club will also have to rent portable toilets for the events and find a suitable water source.

“We needed to get moving on t his since the Hunt and associated activities are only three weeks away,” he said.


  1. Tammy Quarles

    Well I certainly do hope that Martin Mazurie and all the other complainers are happy! Just 3 Weeks from the one shot and now these guys are looking for a place to pitch a tent!! I am completely appalled and disgusted with the way the community has handled this! Why couldn't all you busy bodies find something else to gripe about!!

  2. Terry Herndon

    Another tradition ruined by the minority–what the hell is wrong with people?

  3. Susan Meeker

    I totally agree! I wish I had a good idea for them to have it….

  4. Maralyne Middour

    Would the rodeo grounds be a viable option?

  5. Sofa Spud

    They didn't have "just 3 weeks". They new they were going to need a new location 8 1/2 weeks ago. To not have more than one plan was just piss poor planning. Why can't one of the higher ups offer their airplane hanger at the airport?

    Atleast the precedent has been set. I think my bachelor party is still on at the middle school. Beer, Cigs, and strippers. After all bachelor parties are a tradition.

  6. Sofa Spud

    They didn't have "just 3 weeks". They new they were going to need a new location 8 1/2 weeks ago. To not have more than one plan was just piss poor planning. Why can't one of the higher ups offer their airplane hanger at the airport?

    Atleast the precedent has been set. I think my bachelor party is still on at the middle school. Beer, Cigs, and strippers. After all bachelor parties are a tradition.

  7. RaNae DeGiorgio

    You are a sofa spud. It's tradition, it is an emergency since no one planned on the community center burning down. It was pathetic that the few things that draw folks to the town and bring their money with them to help local businesses has to cave in to a few sofa spuds -

  8. Sofa Spud

    As long as we are doing it for money…I say go for it. Just make sure the kids know thats the reason for having alcohol at their school. Money, money, money.

    My bachelor party is gonna bring in money…I have quit a few friends coming in from out of town. They're gonna have to stay at the motels, eat at the restaurants, buy gas. The stripper is coming in from out of town….so she's gonna be spending money here. So it's ok right?

    I didn't say anyone planned for the community center. I was simply saying that they had more than 3 weeks to prepare for this, and that planning for only one option wasn't very good planning.

  9. RaNae DeGiorgio

    I don't think you realize this is a mature adult event. Maybe you have strippers and idiot friends come to your bachlor party but this not that kind of a "Party". The Govenor is usually here and a lot of other socially prominent people, so stop comparing apples and oranges. It isn't Sofa spuds bachlor party – face it your part of the few that ruin what they can for the many. This is what happens to traditions.

  10. Sofa Spud

    It's the same principle. If you open it to one group you should open it to my bachelor party. I didn't see where we are going to elect a committee to decide what is “socially prominent” and who the “socially prominent” people are. Or is that something only the “socially prominent” people get to decide? I nominate RaNae DeGiorgio to be in charge of deciding who is “socially prominent”.

    Mr. Mazurie wasn't alone in seeing the hypocrisy in telling our kids not to drink and smoke on school grounds, but it’s ok if the adults do it as long as it’s bringing in money to the community. Oh, and you have to be mature about it.

    What if one of my friends is a senator and I invite the governor, have a 3 drink limit, no hard liquor, and I pay for rides home for everyone (stripper has to stay though). Are we at the “socially prominent” level yet, or only if we get rid of the stripper? If you can bend the rules for alcohol surely we can bend the rules for strippers. Ok, Ok. The stripper is gone. Now it’s just some friends, the senator and the governor (if he accepts), 3 drink limit, no hard liquor, I pay for rides home. Can I have my bachelor party at the middle school now? Don’t the “socially prominent” have bachelor parties?

    Surely the “socially prominent” have the brains and resources to pull this off without the need for serving alcohol at the middle school. After all, they didn’t get to be “socially prominent” by being idiots.

  11. RaNae DeGiorgio

    Sofa Spud – like you. Your a mess and hide in a guise of a sofa spud.

  12. Sofa Spud

    Ya…that's what everyone says when they can't back up their arguement with common sense or facts.

    I think a 16,000 sq foot tent will bring in more people than the oneshot alone. Seems like overkill. I wonder if anyone realizes how big that is, and that it's bigger than anything the middle school had to offer. I think thats even bigger than the field house at the high school. Hopefully that was'nt a typo, cause I would love to see a 16,000 sq foot tent.

  13. Penny Galgerud Sauer

    I believe the children would have been very PROUD to have hosted the One Shot Antelope Hunt at their school. Alcohol would not have even been a thought to the children until those whose chose to, made an issue out of the alcohol.

    The One Shot has done so much for this community. They annually provide 3 scholarships at our local high school. They donate meat to the needy with the processing paid for. They donate jerky to our local soldiers that are over seas and on a much grander scale, they have funded over 2 million dollars to Water for Wildlife projects (mostly in Wyoming) which is their main focus.

    Our community is lucky to host the One Shot Antelope Hunt each year. It is the first of it's kind. It is world renowned. We should be more proud of it's history and we should be able to bend a little when need be. I'd hate to see the One Shot Antelope Hunt moved to another community who would be grateful and honored for it's presence.

    Contrary to what everyone believes, most who attend are not wealthy and socially prominent.

    I'm wondering what the difference is between the Brew Fest held at the Soccer Fields and the One Shot held at the school is? Where were all the nay sayers then?

  14. Sindy Thehag

    Note that Sofa Spud ran out of fodder over at the radio station site, and is now trolling county10 spreading hate & dissension. His anonymity makes him brave. Just wait till he starts puking his anti-native american drivel.

  15. Michael Smith

    Nothing like being a "He Who Has No Name or Face" and "hoof and Mouth Disease" to rant rave and criticize in an autonomous manner. But what more can one expect from one so lazy they call them self a couch tater. Easy to be a arm chair quarter back rather than offering viable comments or suggestions.

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