Lander Council to act on One Shot Hunt catering permit at special meeting tonight

(Editor’s note: This story was first reported last Thursday, Aug. 16)

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Lander City Council will hold a special meeting tonight, Tuesday, Aug. 21st, to consider a catering permit from the B&B for the One Shot Antelope Hunt events to be held at the Lander Middle School Sept. 12-15. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. with a public hearing. and following the hearing, the council will convene in special section to act on the catering permit application. The One Shot events were formerly held at the Lander Community Center, which was destroyed in a fire this summer.

Mayor Mick Wolfe said last week that he had received numerous calls about the issue because alcohol would be served at the events. The Fremont County School District #1 Board of Trustees two weeks ago agreed to the request due to the long history of the One Shot Hunt in Lander, despite the District’s policy that bans alcohol on school grounds. The school trustees voted to suspend that policy on those four dates. Supt. Mike Bowman said in a letter to Mayor Mick Wolfe that the One Shot Club would most likely need to use the school facility again next year as a replacement community center would not be completed by that time. He said whether the school district would allow a repeat usage of the LMS would depend on how the events are handled this year.

In his letter to the Mayor, Bowman spelled out some of the requirements to which the One-Shot organizers will have to adhere. They include:

“a. Individuals consuming alcohol at LMS must be monitored to ensure that no one becomes inebriated.

b. All alcohol must be removed from school property after each evening’s function.

c. No tobacco products may be consumed in a school facility. If smoking is done outside the school on school property, it is expected that all butts will be picked up and removed from the premises.

d. One-Shot organizers and the caterers Will assist in cleaning up the facility after each evening’s function to help prepare it for school operations the next day.”


  1. Tauna GroomSmith


  2. Patty Granlund

    Just so I have this right…..we all must follow the rules, unless of course they are inconvenient? Really, serving alcohol at a school, it's almost as wrong as having the Brew Fest on the Soccer Track used by the Lander school athletes. Bad Form:(

  3. Tammy Ridgley

    For sure Patty- and what great role modeling is that!??? Shame on them!

  4. Vikkilyn Frank

    Bad form indeed! I attended the meeting, and there were some great speakers against it! The vote of the council was all "aye" votes to approve the catering permit. However, one speaker told the One Shot that they could be real heroes here and choose NOT to serve alcohol! And I would like to publically proclaim that the Lander Police Chief is a stand-up guy! He said that as police chief, he could NOT be in support of this! I shook his hand after the meeting, and was totally thrilled that he took that stance! The City Council was really caught in the middle here, as this was something the School Board ought not to have done in the first place!

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