DCI building a go as Riverton council overrides Mayor’s veto

(Riverton, Wyo.) – It took the Riverton City Council only two minutes to override a mayoral veto Tuesday night and approve a change order for construction of a new building for the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation at Riverton Regional Airport.

The action taken by the council was a repeat of action taken one week ago, but due to conflicting start times for last week’s meeting, the mayor and council scheduled a special meeting to make the action legal.

Mayor Ron Warpness had vetoed approval of the change order, effecting killing the project, citing potential costs to the city, but the veto did not stand.

The City of Riverton had received a loan from the Wyoming Department of Aeronautics of $375,000 for the 3,500 square foot structure, and the city pledged some $30,000 in architectural design and engineering costs and $54,000 in in kind and other costs.

The facility will be located in the Airport Industrial Park.

Sehnert Systems is the contractor on the project.



  1. John Birbari

    So, now the City of Riverton is a real estate developer? Government should stick to what it does best, providing essential services like law enforcement, water and sewer and leave the rest to the free market. The Mayor was right to veto this one.

  2. Sarah Kalbach

    City of Riverton owns the property.
    DCI is a Governmental entity providing law enforcement/security/investigative services (essential service).
    Loan is public monies being paid back to the State with interest.(responsible use of tax payers monies).
    Bids were taken for construction& contracts awarded (free market).
    So you have tax payer monies used to build infrastructure, provide jobs, yield long term income to the City (reducing tax burdens) and provide for better law enforcement within our community.

    Kudos to Council for overriding the Veto.

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