C10-TV: The Middle Fork, Lander’s Newest Restaurant is Now Open

By Victoria Fregoso, Lead Reporter at County10.com

(Lander, Wyoming) – There is a new place to eat in Lander, The Middle Fork at 351 Main Street is now open. “We love food and we can do this well so we wanted to be able to bring this to Lander,” said Jenna Ackerman, Front House Manager at the Middle Fork. “You know, we’ve worked around town and the community has given us a lot so we would like to give back.”

The Middle Fork will be open from seven to three for breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday, with Sundays open for brunch. Some of their signature breakfast plates will be bread pudding french toast and eggs benedict. “It’s classic French influenced technique with American ingredients and flavors and style behind it,” said Matt Sissman, Chef and Owner of the Middle Fork.

With a mission statement of “to serve our community that we love,” the Middle Fork is also incorporating local food and local food producers. “The local foods also support our idea of community because we are bringing together food growers, food eaters and food makers, all in once place,” Ackerman said.

And the name of course, also has strong community ties. “The Middle Fork was a name created by my wife Jenna and it is first and foremost a reference to the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie, which is our tributary to the Wind River in Lander,” said Geoff Rader. “And secondly and equally as important, it is a culinary reference.”

The Middle Fork has been in the making since winter of 2011, it also offers a different kind of atmosphere from what you’ll find at other restaurants in the area. “The interior details are similar to what you would find in a period piece of architecture of this age, but we also wanted to give it a somewhat contemporary feel,” Rader said.

The three restaurant owners say so far, the reaction from the community has been overwhelming. “I think it’s amazing,” Sissman said. “This has been a dream of mine for a long time, one that I knew was going to be monumental and it has not disappointed.”

You can make a reservation at the Middle Fork by calling 335-5035.


  1. Sarah Cassity

    Yes!!! Awesome addition and our tummies are grateful!!

  2. Billie Martinez

    Have you eaten there? I wanna know how it is

  3. Sandeep K. Kad

    awesome.. good luck Jenna n Geoff.. I have to come again and see this ultimate cuisine.

  4. Rebecca Sissman

    Great food! At our table, we tried the cauliflower soup, grilled gruyere sandwich with hot real french fries and aioli dipping sauce, and freshly made pasta with chunks of bacon, asparagus and long shreds of parmesean cheese! Also from the breakfast menu–French toast drizzled with a blueberry sauce and a side of the most amazing organic maple syrup. Well worth a visit!

  5. Jennifer Swift Wilson

    Bravo Jenna, Geoff and Matt! I cannot wait to come in!

  6. Charles Lyman

    Nice, tell CW to go easy on the eggs bennies…

  7. Sarah Cassity

    It was delicious!!

  8. Michael Smith

    7am sounds a little late to be opening for breakfast, hardly time to get in served out and to work.

  9. Candice Osborn

    Have you seen the prices? I don't give them a year and they will be belly up….

  10. Candice Osborn

    Have you seen the prices? I don't give them a year and they will be belly up….

  11. Josh Brown

    Heard its suppose to be a fancy pants eatery lol

  12. Josh Brown

    Heard its suppose to be a fancy pants eatery lol

  13. Candice Osborn

    After deleting my previous post I gave this issue some serious thought. Yes I think your prices are horrible, but that was my personal opinion. That is MY facebook page that this comment is comming from. Not the place I work for or the people I work with. So, Geoff, or whatever your name was, I suggest from now on before you come in to the place where I work and chew me out, then chew out my boss… please make sure you know what your talking about.

  14. Hilary Scott

    So middle fork is expensive? How expensive ?

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