Graphic abortion images slow traffic in Riverton midday protest

A protest poster. (Jake Nash photo)

(Riverton, Wyo.) – An anti-abortion protest at Main and Federal in Riverton around the noon hour today by an out-of-state missionary group generated numerous calls of complaints to the Riverton Police Department. Individuals from the group “Missionaries to the Preborn” and carrying four large graphic photo posters of aborted fetuses set up in Riverton City Park where Main Street dead ends into Federal and displayed the images to passing traffic. The group also handed out materials containing extremely graphic images of abortions and called the their action “The American Holocuast Photo Display.”

“There was lots of rubbernecking and traffic congestion,” caller Jake Nash reported to “There was also one fender-bender on the north side of the park, but apparently not related to the protest.”

Riverton Police Chief Mike Broadhead said the group had been protesting the day before in Jackson. “They came in vehicles with license plates from Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan,” the chief said. “Apparently they travel around the country doing this. We monitored the protest from a distance.”  Broadhead said one of the group had a loudspeaker, but it was mostly inaudible. “They did have someone step out into the street occasionally but they were not interfering with sidewalk traffic.”

Broadhead said the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the more offensive a subject is, the more protection it receives under the First Amendment. “They came, did their thing, and left. There was no problem,” he said.

The protestors left the park about 1:30 p.m. Materials handed out by the individuals conducting the protest were credited to the Missionary group, which is based in Milwaukee.

(Jake Nash Photo)









  1. Denise Caskey

    Gotta love the First Amendment. Even if it's offensive, it's still protected.

  2. Tasha Lewis

    I'm personally against abortion for personal reasons, however, I would not want my children to see these images as they were very graphic.

  3. Brett Watson

    You would have thought the group would have wanted more bang for their buck and by passed most of Wyoming on their way to the Front Range of CO. It was pretty distracting and congested traffic. LOL, we're not used to organized protests like that out here in the sticks so everyone had to slow down to get a good look.

  4. Frankie Norton

    So proud to have taken part. As a local medical student I have firsthand knowledge about how much life is denied in utero even while the instructors present scientific facts proving otherwise. Yes, the images were graphic. Sadly, it is the only way to cut through the lies and show it truely is a baby. Thank you Missionaries to the Preborn for allowing me to join you!

  5. Shelly Humphrey

    I thought it was disgusting since my 3 1/2 yr. old grandson is in town and I had to call and warn his mom not to drive near there. I completely support peoples right to free speech but graphic images like that don't belong center stage during a lunch hour where small children are in danger of seeing it. Seems rather ironic; children are put in harms way to prove a point about unborn children on a point that people have already made their mind up on.

  6. Shawna Quillen Titensor

    Good for them.I think everyone needs to see the images, young and old.

  7. Betsy Logan Milek

    As soon as my children are old enough to understand and are emotionally ready, I WILL show them this. By not showing it and ignoring it, we are condoning it. Life begins AT CONCEPTION – not at birth, not 8 weeks after conception. It was an eye opener for me – having not fully understood exactly what abortion was. Thank you Missionaries to the Preborn!

  8. Tasha Lewis

    I fully agree with you Betsy. I will show and explain to my kids when they are old enough as well. I just don't think my 4 1/2 old daughter would understand right now.

  9. Betsy Logan Milek

    Understand. My children are 4 and 2, so yeah, it's a little early yet…

  10. Herb Peden

    why do these out of state people feel the need to come here and spread their politics?

  11. B.s. Chaser

    And why do they only care about them before they are born and not after. They want them dead by denying them healthcare and food or shelter. And they are the ones who scream loudest to put people on death row . Why don't they care about all life . Not just something that is not even able to work and pay taxes yet. These people are so phoney. I think it is funny since 67% of US women like birth control and abortions.

  12. Ryan Perry

    So if some folks protesting war plastered graphic pictures of dead soldiers all over main street, would you show your children?

  13. Frankie Norton

    I'm actually a local.

  14. Miranda Rabb

    I agree. At the right age.

  15. Missy Metzler

    Ryan Perry I would have to disagree with you, because unlike babies, people have the choice of going into the service and they understand all the consequences of that. I am so very thankful for all those who serve and we owe them alot, but babies don't have that choice. So therefore those of us who have a voice need to stand up for those babies!

  16. Miranda Rabb

    Well said ^^

  17. Herb Peden

    Frankie Norton ok so your a local, do we really have that big of an abortion problem in lil ol riverton that we needed a public protest at main and federal?

  18. Vicki Kealiher

    Herb Peden , are our hearts so cold that we just look at the killing of the innocent as someone else's problem? Should we have ignored the holocaust and just let the Nazi's continue to slaughter the Jewish people?

  19. Betsy Logan Milek

    Ryan Perry , I would absolutely show my children that when they are at the right age. How else are they to learn about the horrors of war and what war really is?? I plan on teaching my children about the horrors of life, but I also plan to teach them that life isn't ALL horror. There is a lot of good to be had in the world, but sometimes you have to take a stand and/or make your own good. We were never promised that life would be easy or fair or rosy all the time. But we can choose to make the best of every situation, and to learn the truth about things.

  20. Jim Ketchum

    After World War II ended, the Germans (including their children) who lived near the concentration camps were force marched by the Allies to see what they, through their silence and inaction, had participated in. These missionaries are a prophetic witness against our nation which is doing the same thing to an even more helpless group of human beings.

    My personal opinion is that most parents don't want to have to explain to their children why such crimes as these go on in our country, or, even worse, explain to them why they have a missing brother or sister because they have done it themselves.

    34 Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. Proverbs 14:34

  21. Randall Gerard Jenkins

    I have to laugh at all the people who are offended because of the protestors, but not because of the abortionists. Talk about shooting the messenger! If you don't like pictures of dead babies on posters, why do you tolerate abortionists, anyway? Protestors don't kill babies, abortionists do. Take your fake outrage and apply it where it should be applied, or shut the hell up.

  22. Amy Edmonds

    Wooohooo!!! You go Randy!! Love it!!

  23. Eileen T Peterson

    So, if abortion is the taking of a child in the womb, this Mother's Day we have 54 million Moms to pray for. Their babies have not been allowed to be born. This choice has enslaved so many women into self-destructive behaviors: cutting, self-mutalation, eating disorders, alcoholism, drugs, abusive relationships, suicide, and impacted greiving. Men suffer greatly, too. Know that with God, nothing is lost for you cannot destroy an immortal soul. God has your babies and one day you will come to know them.

  24. Zach Harrison

    What about all the women who benefited from abortions? Will you do anything to recognize them?

  25. Denise Caskey

    Herb Peden Considering the high number of teen births in Riverton, I would say that is a definite NO.

  26. Frankie Norton

    Herb; Sorry for responding so late. Yes, I do feel we have an abortion problem locally. I have personally discussed the issue with too many women and girls to count that had made plans to have abortions, all of whom are locals as well. The biggest issue I feel needs to be addressed is exactly the one the images helped present–it is an actual child that you are killing. Our schools (including grade schools, middle schools, high schools and the college) present the opinion that pregnancy is not present until implantation and NEVER refer to the child as baby until it leaves the womb. It's called the cells, the embryo or the fetus and never recognized as a living being. With that mindset why should we expect anyone to have an issue with destroying their child? When I get the oppertunity through my medical profession, through my work, or through my personal relationships to discuss abortion, that is always the local understanding of abortion. So again, yes, from my numerous disscusions with locals planning abortions, I feel we have a local problem with abortion that needs to be addressed and from my past education and medical job experiances, I feel the protest addressed the exact aspect of the issue needed.

  27. Shawna Quillen Titensor


  28. Zach Harrison

    Shawna Quillen Titensor, I said – "What about all the women who benefited from abortions? Will you do anything to recognize them?"

  29. Shawna Quillen Titensor

    Zach Harrison , I was saying WHAT to Eileen's post. The sentence, "God has your babies and one day you will come to know them." blew me away.

  30. Zach Harrison

    Shawna Quillen Titensor ah, i see.

  31. B.s. Chaser

    Eileen what you said is not a fact. I am 70 years old and know of many women who had abortions.They did not even look back nor feel bad. Some were pregnancies from incest, some from rape. Some from teens. These girls then went on to finish school , marry and have children when they were mature and financially able to do so. Men were relieved not to have to leave school to support a baby out of wedlock .Then there are the women in my youth who went to back alley midwives and had their abortions. Or used vacuums or coat hangers to do it. The only reason abortion is such a controversial subject today is because whites are afraid they are being displaced in the societal hierarchy in this country. Notice that no one protests or wants to blow up abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods. This is a personal choice by each woman for her own body and no one has the right to decide how she should live her life. And my question for you is this, why are you not concerned about over population and starving children even in our own country.You rant about the unborn but then abandone those same children when they are born.And if you care about the Constitution then know that abortion is legal in this country and women are citizens too with all the rights of men and unborn babies.

  32. Randy Crawford

    Zach Harrison — Have you been doing anything to recognize all the Nazis and Communists who benefitted from the concentration camp victims they killed? Have you been recognizing all the guys on death row across the nation who benefitted from the people they slaughtered? Should we care if somebody can benefit by vivisecting and dismembering you because you are an inconvenience to their lives, or they feel the medical necessity to get you out of the way so they can have less risk to their lives? Do you realize you are the products of conception of rape, since at least one of your 1,024 great(9x)grandmothers was raped, and therefore if rape is a reason for abortion, you have no reason for living? If you want to be pro-choice, are you willing to choose yourself, or are you just another weaselling doubletalking abortion hypocrite?

  33. Randy Crawford

    Murderers don't like their crimes exposed. The guiltier they are, the more they hate the abortion pictures. Guilty parents especially don't like to explain to their kids that they have already selfishly killed off brothers and sisters their kids never knew are missing.

  34. Zach Harrison

    Randy, congratulations, you just compared being the victims of genocide to a woman getting an abortion. You've officially proven yourself a moron.

  35. Randy Crawford

    In other words, you don't have the intellectual integrity to answer any of the questions– because you understand abortion is like genocide but you aren't honest enough to admit it. So you continue weaselling, doubletalking, and evading as is characteristic of criminally psychotic hypocrites. Thanks for incriminating yourself again. Why not try abortion on yourself and see how you like it? Start with vivisecting just a cubic inch out of your own arm. Or, can't you take even a wee tad of your own sick perverted 'medicine' when it's your body that's involved?

  36. Zach Harrison

    Criminally psychotic? What's my crime, you gibbering loon? Btw, you can't abort a person, just fetuses. Get a frigging clue, Randy.

  37. Randy Crawford

    Zach Harrison– Yes, and again, every time you lose an argument, you try to change the subject. Yet again. Your crime? Try a little of your own medicine on yourself, and see what a crime it is. But you've already weaselled yourself into an endless circle with your transparent evasions, so I guess that's where you're stuck for all the world to see. You're just another abortion hypocrite who is afraid to take a dose of his own cynical hypocritical murderous medicine. And you still can't answer the questions 4 postings above because you still know you are totally wrong and can't justify your hallucinations which resulted from your earlier bogus non-arguments. Have you cut that first cubic inch of 'tissue' out of your arm yet, to show us just how 'pro-choice' you actually are? Of course not. That would require sincerity you do not possess, just like your fellow pro-abortion butchers whose handiwork is at and and other 'abortion pictures' sites. Have fun sputtering around in your repetitive circles that evade nothing.

  38. Zach Harrison

    How would cutting a cubic inch of tissue out of my arm show that I'm pro choice? That makes zero sense, you vile pig.

  39. Randy Crawford

    Again, you demonstrate your hypocrisy. You advocate cutting on others via abortion but refuse the same for yourself– thereby showing your murderous bloody hypocrisy.

  40. Randy Crawford

    Similary, you condemn yourself with your own words. If it takes a 'vile pig' to inquire after you cutting a small piece out of your arm, then you are a thousand times worse to advocate destorying an entire human life by even more extensive butchery.

  41. Zach Harrison

    how can I abort myself, you mentally deficient turd? You're an out-of-touch idiot with a fascist desire to make everyone subscribe to your beliefs.

  42. Randy Crawford

    Zach Harrison — Yet again and again, you evade the point since you realize you have no position on which to stand. You are so irrationally self-contradictory with your own advocacy of vivisection and dismemberment you aren't even willing to cut a small cubic inch out of your arm. Your refusal to do so, and your refusal to debate the point plus your other hypocritical self-contradictions demonstrated repeatedly above shows ever more clearly: you have nothing to say, particularly in the realm of anything that might be cogent, rational, or germane. The fascists (and communists) are the ones like you who use the violence of abortion vivisection and dismemberment to force innocent little humans to "subscribe to YOUR beliefs" by surrendering their lives, over nothing other than your selfish murderous ambitions. Like any other abortion propagandist, the more you blather the more you broadcast the fact that abortion's only goal is to victimize the innocent with violence that abortionists can't justify and abortionists won't accept for themselves because they know they are wrong along with you. Anyone can see this is so by googling 'abortion pictures' or consulting or

  43. Zach Harrison

    Nope, fascist is a broad term that more accurately encompasses your beliefs, namely that a plurality of views is intolerable and that the rights of people who disagree with you must be suspended. You're not gonna convince me to join your hateful moron brigade, so go do something else you enjoy, like staring into space as a dribble of drool slips out of your mouth.

  44. Trish Langle

    Theres a guy who does this everyday right by my work. I am pro life to the fullest however i hate this man. He has a gigantic picture of a dead baby of 20 weeks gestation. I lost my son at 20 weeks i went into preterm labor i held my dead son. This mans signs make me and my husband emotionally distraught every day to and from work becsuse we have to see a photo of a baby that looks like our son. This way of protest is not ok. Get your message out but im sure there are more women like me who are reminded of children they lost too soon due to natural causes

  45. Mike 'Dooney' Minino

    Simple solution… Take a different route

  46. Dannielle Swope

    I hate that too. The clinic in Bellevue they protest at made me so mad when I didn't know they did that, was showing a graphic photo and I drove past with my older son and I think he saw it. He was only 1 at the time though, so I don't think he remembers, but I still hope it didn't traumatize him! I'm sure there's lots of other kids that have been traumatized by seeing it. Heck, adults like us too. Lately I've only seen a guy there holding a holy-looking doll, and that's fine. Go ahead and protest but don't emotionally scar others. IMO, I don't think it scares people out of abortion, just desensitizes them to it, so they are having the reverse effect than they want… :-(

  47. Ron Steiner

    Or maybe swerve the car to miss a "squirrel" and SPLAT!! Problem solved

  48. Ron Steiner

    Just tell the cops Troy did it

  49. Faeini Itzme Greyelf

    Be glad you don't drive by Carhart's abortion clinic here in Bellevue. They have much worse pictures than that facing the street and that's right by a Catholic grade school. Even worse, I see protesting parents there with their young kids every weekend and these kids are so young that they can't have any clue why they are there, yet I am sure the parents have to explain the gruesome picture to a 5 year old.

  50. Trish Langle

    yea the guy since summer has hit has a kid prolly about 7 with him everyday… i could avoid him but its right next to my work so that would mean an additional almost 10 minutes to to not see these images

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