FCSD remembers Lt. Steve Crerar on the 17th anniversary of his death in the line of duty

The late FCSD Lt. Steve Crerar

(Riverton) – In honor of Lieutenant Steve Crerar of the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, our agency is reminding our employees and the citizens of Fremont County that Lt. Crerar was fatally shot 17 years ago on April 30, 1995 by a male juvenile prisoner while in the line of duty, Captain Ryan Lee said in a press release Wednesday.

Lt. Crerar was transporting a 17 year old juvenile prisoner to the Wyoming Boys School in Worland on April 30, 1995. As Lt. Career entered school property, the prisoner attacked Lt. Crerar and was able to take his service revolver from him. In the ensuing struggle the prisoner shot and killed Lt. Crerar. The prisoner was later captured the same day without incident.

Lt. Crerar was a dedicated Deputy Sheriff, serving the citizens of Fremont County from 1979 to the very day of his death in 1995, he is greatly missed.

–Fremont County Sheriff’s Department


  1. Tracy Crerar Eckhardt

    Thanks for remembering my dad, I really appreciate it!

  2. Shelly Crerar Lewis

    Thank you FCSD for the bottom of my heart for remembering our dad, April 30th is such a hard day for us, but knowing we have an extended family in the sheriffs dept. gives us some comfort.

  3. Tammy Green

    what a hansome man , I cant believe how much you girls look like him wow , you where so lucky to have him and be honered by him. love to you and your familys.

  4. David Good

    it is also posted on the sheriffs office network and on the sheriff's office facebook page. steve was a great guy and I proud that I knew him and worked with him.

  5. Janet Saby Richards

    That was a very sad day, such a great loss for his family, friends, fellow officers, and the community.

  6. Dan McOmie

    and dedicated father. remains

  7. Dan McOmie

    and dedicated father. remains

  8. 'John R. Holdaway

    dan is the one murdered in worland?

  9. Dan McOmie

    I am sorry for the problem with the previous post. It read, I remember that day, every day. The horror of the death of a coworker who was such a gentleman and dedicated father. Steve remains with me everyday I put on my uniform and go to work. I will never forget him and am proud to have worked for and with him.

  10. Marla Malone

    I think Steve would be pleased to know that he is lovingly remembered even after all this time. He was a super guy!

  11. Sue Bunnell

    Such a gentle man and a good friend, good officer.

  12. Ed Newell

    Steve was a very good man. He is much missed. I will always remember discussing with him the transport that ended so tragically. He told me that no one else was available so, he would do it himself. Little did we know that it would be the last time we spoke. RIP Steve.

  13. Gene Hennesay

    I was proud to know and work with Steve. Distill think of him from time to time. His death was a tragic and unnecessary. One. RIP Steve

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